Protect a Folder & Files with Folder Protection Tool

Our Protect a Folder Tool has received some of the most prestigious awards by renowned shareware sites. So, you can download this tool without any doubts about Spy ware, Adware, Viruses and other potential risks

Awards Received by Estelar Protect a Folder

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Like everyone there are some confidential files and folders in my computer on which I cannot afford to have any unwanted accesses. All thanks to this wonderful utility which made the task of protecting files and folders absolutely easy. testimonials for Protect a Folder Software



Learn to Password Protect a Folder from Unwanted Access

Protect a Folder with powerful solution to protect folder and files!
Do you often share your computer with other users or there are some important folders or files on your PC on which you cannot let anyone to look or play with at any cost? In these situations you must Protect a Folder with password. Now the question will strike in your mind that how do I Protect a Folder or file? For this you can completely rely on the program named Estelar Protect a Folder.

Estelar Protect a Folder is security software which allows you to password Protect a Folder or protect a file from unauthorized access. You can use this security tool to password protect and conceal almost any folder on your hard drive. Users can easily use this tool to Protect a Folder and to hide their private data from prying eyes. Once protected, files & folders will not be accessible from both local and remote users.


Most Advanced and Easy Way to Password Protect Folder and Files

Unprotected folders may lead to theft, data-loss, and infraction of your privacy, costing you money, data loss and embarrassment. Estelar Protect a Folder is an advanced security tool that let users to hide or password protect folder to stopped unauthorized or unwanted users to read, view, copy, and move or delete them.

Other benefits to Protect a Folder: Locking folder with folder protect also ensures the safety from malicious programs, such as viruses, worms and Trojans. It is also advisable to password protect folder when you carry a laptop/notebook or travel frequently. So that no one can access to your private or confidential folder and files even if your notebook gets lost or stolen.


Why Only Estelar Protect a Folder for Folder Protection?

Protect a Folder is a user friendly program for windows users to password protect folder for making it inaccessible, hidden, delete proof or write protected. You don’t have to be computer professional to start using it to Protect a Folder. It offers high encryption speed means you can Protect a Folder in just few seconds. Here other key features and benefits you will get with this tool:


  • Simple and easy to use program with user friendly interface.
  • Password protect folders, files and even entire removable drives.
  • Protect unlimited number of folders and files.
  • Once a folder is protected cannot be opened without password (even under another OS or computer)
  • Can be used to protect folder/file on any USB disk or a local hard drive.
  • Supports all version of Window OS including Windows 7 & Vista.


Does it also protect a file?

Yes, you can also use Protect a Folder to protect a file like the way you Protect a Folder. You just need to click on add file instead of add folder option to block access and prevent data from being deleted or modified.

If you want to evaluate this complete folder and files protection utility you can download the trial version of this handy tool. Trial version lets a user to explore the features and functionalities folder security tool. In trial version it protect only 10 files or folders after that users can buy the full licensed version. Download now!